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Monday, February 6, 2012

Jersey Shouroboros (Global Game Jam 2012)

Made within 48 hours. At our Global Game Jam site (NYU Game Center), we were nominated for "Best Use of Theme" and "Best Overall," and ended up winning the "Audience Choice" award. Woohoo!

> PLAY IT NOW: Unity Web Player build.

"Jersey Shouroboros" is a hastily built critique of the never-ending cycle of self-destruction depicted on reality television. You play as Jörmungandr, a mid-level producer on Jersey Shore who also happens to be an infinitely long serpent god. Devour the cast, then bite your tail to lock them into a perpetual cycle of gym, tanning, and laundry.

  • Best played with a PS3 controller on OSX, or a X360 gamepad on Windows. (You can also use your keyboard, but it doesn't feel nearly as good.)
  • Three (3) action-packed levels, featuring your favorite Jersey Shore stars, as well as additional fictional cast members like "Person" to expand the Shouroverse.

Let's be honest -- given the theme of ouroboros, or "a perpetual cycle of self-destruction," how can you think of anything other than reality television? Also, Eddie was fascinated by "hoop snakes," these snakes that turn into a hoop then spin at you, or something. We originally had a much more complicated mechanic in-mind, something about grabbing each cast member and bringing them to the gym, then a tanning bed, then the laundromat, all while keeping them liquored up and belligerent toward each other. We spent a good 5 hours on Friday, then maybe 2 hours on Saturday before going to a party, then we woke up on Sunday afternoon and realized we barely had any time to do anything. Since we had spent Friday making movement feel cool, we decided that was all we really needed, and settled for a hi-res Nokia Snake mechanic.

One really cool side-effect of the snake physics or "snysics"(TM) is that you move around better if you slither around, because that's less friction around walls and columns. We also had to increase your acceleration based on how many joints you had, which meant that really long snakes could blast off into space at a whim -- this turned out to be really awesome, and we heard people refer us as "that game where you're a snake and you can fly."

NOTE: We believe our unlicensed use of music / likenesses from Jersey Shore are protected under Fair Use doctrine as satire / criticism of Viacom's "Jersey Shore" program and associated reality television properties. DMCA and takedown notices should be sent to so we can maybe forward it to the EFF and fight it in court. Thanks!

Textures from, model by MetaDaemon at, music from Jersey Shore (season 4 promo).

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